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Congratulations on finding your way to Citizen Brick, home of the finest custom printed LEGO items around. We offer truly unique products for the LEGO fan looking for something a little off the beaten path. Whether shopping for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift, or just something for your own collection, Citizen Brick has the solution!

Why are Citizen Brick products so awesome? Well, it starts with the freshest ingredients.. We use authentic LEGO and LEGO-compatible parts, and print in-house at our Chicago print shop. Other sites claim to print on LEGO, but only Citizen Brick uses authentic pad printing – the same process used to create factory-made LEGO products. We use toy-safe, medical grade inks that are tough enough to stand up to years of play.



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Citizen Brick Gets Medieval

Today we released the biggest batch of minifigs we've ever made at once - the Dragon Sword Fighter Force! I'm soooo happy with the way they came out. They're the best looking minifigs we've ever made, for sure. Special shout...

Hey, you redid your website!

That's right. It took a while, but we're proud to unveil the new citizenbrick.com – your home for the finest in custom-printed LEGO items. We hope you'll enjoy the new look and added features while you spend an unreasonable amount...

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